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June 25, 2011

Featured festival of Saturday’s “Celebrate Poland” events

*SEE PHOTOS OF THE 2010, 2009 & 2008 EVENTS!


This festival is organized and hosted by Town One Streetscapes, Inc.

This unique FREE community chalk art festival will take place Saturday, June 25th, from 9 am to Noon on the grounds of Town Hall on South Main Street, Poland, Ohio.
This community event will be part of the "Celebrate Poland" festivities. The festival will feature artist of all ages and skill level that will create works of art by drawing with chalk and pastels directly on the sidewalk. The public will be invited to view the drawings as they develop throughout the day. All finished art will be judged in the afternoon with awards announced sometime between 12:00 and 1:00 pm.

Tips and Rules for Sidewalk Artists:

Sidewalk spaces are approx. 4ft x 5 ft. You may use any or all of the space. Participants can pick up their assigned space at the registration table the morning of the festival. Only 100 spaces are available.

1. Please try to keep your supplies contained near your space.
2. Please respect the other artists who are working near your space. Do not walk on other artist paintings or have open beverage containers that could spill and destroy someone's artwork.
3. NO fixatives may be used on the chalk drawings.
4. No music allowed, unless you wear portable headsets or earphones. There will be music groups and talent groups nearby performing in the area as well.
5. Members of Town One Streetscapes will be at the registration table for your assistance. Please do not hesitate to ask for chalk, water, etc.
6. Maximum 5 people to a square. If ages of your people spans more than one catagory, you may be considered a FAMLY/GROUP.
7. Please NO oil chalk or pastels.
8. Art must be family-friendly.

Chalk will be provided to the first 100 artist at no charge. This box of chalk has a limited color range so if you are using a predominant color in you design, you should bring additional chalk or pastels. All chalk MUST be water-based. Pastels has the brightest and most brilliant colors. Please NO oil pastels.
If you are creating an image originally created by another artist (living or deceased), please give credit to the artist and the title at the base of your painting.


Famous Painting
Poland theme

And Best of Show

Age Groups:

Middle School
High School
Family/Groups with Pre-School

Register at 9:00 am in front of Town Hall the morning of the event.

Some suggestions:

- wear old clothes because some chalk will stain
- bring large paint brushes for blending and smoothing.
- bring towels and either knee pads or a crusion to kneel on.
- food and drinks may be purchased at the festival
- wear hats or visors
- bring cardboard
- plan your design ahead of time
- bring paper
- bring masking tape
- bring rags
- bring a whisk broom
- wear latex gloves
- wear sunscreen
- chalkboard eraser work well for blending
- bring a rulers
- chalk line