Bob Antonishak
108 Lockerbie Lane • West Chester, PA 19383
The Nantucket Lightship Baskets evolved its unique folk art style during the early nineteenth century. The craft was started by sailors stationed on Lightships near Nantucket Island. The Lightships were a floating lighthouse used to warn ship captains of the south shoals of Nantucket. The sailors developed the unique basket using reeds and cane to pass the time and make extra money by selling them to stores on Nantucket Island.  They are recognized around the world for their beauty and workmanship.

My baskets are all hand made using natural materials giving each basket a unique color and pattern I use the highest quality materials but, being natural materials, there are variations in the shading and some normal blemishes that gives the basket character. I use cane, reed, or hardwood for the ribs (vertical) pieces and cane for the horizontal weavers. Each basket is made on molds which give the basket its shape and determines the size.

Baskets are finished in the original Nantucket lightship style with rims, rim filler, and lacing. Each basket has five coats of polyurethane on the base and handle and three coats on the basket. Each basket can be customized with different sized ribs, color of base and handle, and how the handle is attached to the basket using slotted, wooden ears, or bone knobs.