Paintings -Americana

All paintings are rendered in oil. Prints are available on most images, so check out the print page, call or email for inquiries,

(Click images for a larger view and additional information about the painting)

"Coca-Cola Holiday" -36"x24" -it's an honor to be one of three "licensed coke artist" in the world

"Summer in Somerset Hills" -30"x20"

"Playing Marbles" -30"x20"

"Divine Descent" -36"x48"

"Colton and Travis Country Store" -36"x24"

"Shade Creek" -18"x24"

"Fannie's General Store" -36"x24"

"Bountiful Apple Festival" -23"x29.25"

"Bustling Apiary" -36"x36"

"Afternoon At Grandma's" -30"x20"

"Playing Hookey" -20"x30"

"Red Shack -Winter" -20"x30"

"Red Shack -Fall" -20"x30"

"Red Shack -Summer" -20"x30"

"Red Shack Spring" -20"x30"

"Kleber Point Cottages" -20"x30"

"The Cow And Pumpkin Farm" -20"x30"

"Misty Lighthouse" -20"x30"

"The Family Wagon" -20"x30"

"The Next Journey Begins" -20"x30"

"Christmas Season At The Arcada" -SOLD

"American Gothic Revisited" -24"x36"

"August Afternoon Bluebirds" -20"x30"

"Captain Bob's Harbor" 24"x36"

"Carol's Flowers" 36"x18"

"Mary's Quilts -Country Fabric" -24"x36"

"Delivery Day On 15th Street" -SOLD

"The Painting Tree" -24"x18"

"Fall'n Love" -10"x8"

"Idora Park -Memory Go-Round" -SOLD

"Mountain Call" -36"x24"

"Mourning Love Affair" -SOLD

"Guardian Angel -Boy" -SOLD

"Guardian Angel -Girl" -SOLD

"Over The River" -36"x18"

"Through The Woods" -36"x18"

"The Paint Creek Sculptors" -36"x24"

"The Water Mill Path" -36"x18"

"The Ship Hotel" 24"x36"

"Somerset Hills" -36"x24"

"Spring Is In The Air" -36"x24"

"Yellow Ribbon Path" -SOLD

"A Road To A Friends's House Is Never Long" -22"x22"

"Evans Farm" -40"x13"

"Hello Hummingbird" -24"x31"

"Dreaming" -24"x34"